The Memes of Our Times: Memes and Art on the Blockchain

While symbolism has been used for millennia to transfer information and concepts, the internet has allowed for the spreading of concepts in a symbolic form to rapidly grow and evolve under the gates and gatekeepers of popular culture in an explosion of creativity that’s both chaotic and controversial while at the same time uniting for those who resonate with and contribute to it.

Please join us for a very important discussion on Memes and how they are changing the cultural landscape including the art world with the potential for a meme economy through Crypto Art.

Our panelists include Louis Parker (Memeconcious), founder of which allows anyone to create their own cryptographic tokens representing memes or any kind of information imaginable; Jessica Angel, a visual artist commissioned to create a public art structure representing the Doge-Ethereum software bridge which fosters the experimentation between the blockchain space and the physical world (; Theo Goodman, a sports betting expert, bitcoin oracle, and meme consultant; Yehudit Mam, co-founder and CMO of, a visual conversation platform where people speak to each other through drawings; and Wiley Mathews, one of the first creators of mobile content and SMS payment tech and founder of the blockchain incubation studio, Honeycomb Ventures.