The Birth of Hip-Hop with Tommy Silverman & Lee Quiñones

The Art & Technology Committee brings you Tommy Silverman, founder of both Tommy Boy Records and the New Music Seminar, and Lee Quiñones, leading innovator of the street-art movement in New York and pioneer of subway graffiti art.  Tommy and Lee will break down for us how the eclectic ramshackle culture within five square miles of the South Bronx in New York City changed art, dance, music and entertainment for the next thirty years.  Tommy worked with such hip-hop pioneers as De La Soul, Digital Underground, Afrika Bambaataa and Queen Latifah.  Early attendees at New Music Seminar included Madonna, Nirvana, Ice Cube, GWAR, James Brown, and Lou Reed.

Graffiti Artist Lee Quiñones became a legend in the late 1970’s for his unique artwork seen throughout the New York subway system. Lee was a major contributor to one of the first-ever whole-train graffiti murals, and many of his iconic works can be found in such exhibits as the Whitney Museum of Art and the Museum of the City of New York. Lee also contributed several pieces to one of the most sold art books in history, Subway Art.