ATC Event 007

Sounds (de)mystified

We experience much of the world through our ears and auditory system, which sense and translate the vibrations around us into the sounds we hear. Although we are immersed in sound nearly ever moment, like a fish that is unaware of the water, we are barely aware of the miracles at work.

Sound’s impact on human culture extends far beyond speech and music. The ancients revered sound as the ultimate source in the universe, and recognized its intricate connection to consciousness. And shamanic societies used sound to perform healing ceremonies at a level that is still beyond our understanding.

Alexandre Tannous, an ethnomusicologist who studied and taught at Columbia University, has been investigating the therapeutic and esoteric properties of sound from scientific, shamanic, historical, practical and theoretical perspectives. This evening, Alexandre will discuss his attempts to bridge the Western scientific understanding of sound with Eastern philosophies and shamanic societal beliefs. He will discuss basic acoustic principles, sound phenomena, music mathematical ratios, the physiological effects of sound on the body and mind, and how sound impacts consciousness, quantum physics and the nature of reality.

With gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, bells, and tuning forks, Alexandre will conclude with a short sound meditation, and will demonstrate how harmonic overtones can help us disconnect from energetic, physical, mental, emotional and psychological habitual patterns.