Gathering of the Minds

Tuesday, March 6
6:00 PM
National Arts Club

Please join us for a very special event on content creation, free speech, and the future of a decentralized internet.

As the world gets more connected, a paradigm shift is occurring in media. People are changing what they watch, and increasingly they are turning to independent video creators. These video creators exhibit a very diverse set of opinions, but they have a shared belief in the sanctity of freedom of speech & expression. Established institutions are threatened – traditional and social media giants are losing their audiences and revenue. Some countries are reacting with 1984-style censorship.

What does it take to be a fearless, engaging creator in this environment? In Part 2 of the discussion, we’ll focus on the role blockchain technology may play in the decentralization of social networks, and its ability to avert censorship and empower creators to fully express themselves.

We have a powerhouse of a panel joining us: Tim Pool, an award winning journalist covering conflict, crisis, and technology; Bill Ottman founder of; Daniel Pinchbeck, an author specializing in psychedelics, shamanism, and the new age; Eleanor Goldfield, a creative activist/writer/poet/singer; Tarl Warwick/ Styxhexenhammer666 (via livestream), a brilliantly eclectic occultist, author, editor and political commenter on Youtube; and Lionel, Legal and media analyst, trial lawyer and former prosecutor, host of LionelNation YouTube Channel.

Lev Polyakov and Bill Ottman will be co-moderating.