Eclectic Music Salon

An intimate evening with the film composer Duke Bojadziev on piano, featuring his talented collaborators. His guest this evening is the musical prodigy on clarinet from Juliard, Ismail Lumanovski. A cinematic musical journey blends the art of classical romanticism with the traditional roots of Eastern European melodies, while exploring the technology of layering sound experiences.

Duke Bojadziev (a.k.a. Duke B) is a New York City-based music composer for motion pictures, record producer and pianist. Born and raised in Macedonia, he began playing the piano at a very early age. Taking after his father – who balanced successful careers in both music and medicine – Duke earned his medical degree while simultaneously cultivating his passion for music. Deciding to pursue music as a full time career he than moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music. Upon graduating in 2001, he moved to NYC and jumpstarted his trajectory as a musician. He has produced remixes for Cyndi Lauper and the Blue Man Group, and honed his inventive style through performances with various ensembles at NYC’s Carnegie Hall, Highline Ballroom, Cipriani Ballroom, among many others.

The Macedonian/Turkish clarinetist, Ismail Lumanovski, grew up in the Balkans cherishing his recordings of Western classical music, jazz, hip hop and rock. His ability to perform both Western Classical music and Balkan folk music with such inimitable skill is a rarity this writer has never witnessed close up before.

Lumanovski is perhaps the first Roma (Gypsy) clarinet player to graduate from the renowned Juilliard School of Music in New York, and his understanding of Mahler and orchestral playing is as developed as his profound passion for and skill in playing the music from his ethnic childhood.