ATC Event 001

Digital Inventions: Creativity and the Human-Digital Interface

Join the Art & Technology Committee for it’s inaugural presentation: a discussion with artists Scott Draves and Luke DuBois about the creative process in today’s digital age. Draves will demonstrate his Dreams in High Fidelity, a dynamic digital painting whose subject is evolving artificial life, which recreates the biological phenomena of evolution and reproduction through mathematics. The system is made of man and machine, a collective cyborg mind with 450,000 participant computers and people around the world.

Luke Dubois is a composer, artist and performer who has lectured worldwide on interactive sound and video performance. Dubois is the co-author of Jitter, a music software based on the real time manipulation of matrix data for live musical performance. He appears on twenty-five albums both individually and as part of The Freight Elevator Quartet, an avant-garde electronic group he co-founded.