An Evening with Burning Man Founder Larry Harvey

In 1986, Larry Harvey instigated the now-renowned Burning Man festival on a renegade creative impulse on a San Francisco beach. This creativity was the spark that led to the 30-year evolution of the annual festival that Larry has aesthetically and philosophically shepherded through its transformation into ​a non-profit organization, and ​a global force for creative culture on six continents and in more than 50 countries.

Artist, NAC member and 15 year Burner Kate Raudenbush, began attending the event in 1999 in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. In 2004, on an inspired whim and thanks to her first Art Grant from Burning Man, Kate began her first step in an uncharted creative journey​,​ which evolved with Burning Man funding her ​many ​creations​ of intricately crafted​,​ allegorical steel sculpture, reaching heights of 42 feet. Like Burning Man, her artwork has evolved into more creativity across the ​world, ​where it has been exhibited ​at museums in the US and ​internationally, and featured at festivals, galleries and fine art fairs.

Please join us as they discuss creative risk-taking, the power of artistic themes, Burning Man creative culture​,​ and more.