The Art of FEAR: A Photographic Memoir

Tuesday, September 10 7:00 PM National Arts Club Kimberly Butler presents images and poetry from her recently published photographic memoir, The Art of FEAR, to illustrate the effects of childhood trauma on an artist.  She will discuss how she channeled fear into a creative career, photographing hundreds of celebrities and world leaders. Butler’s credits include covers of […]

A Discussion with Lee Wells: Sophia’s Safehouse in the Uncanny Valley, Dolphins vs Robots, and the 21st Century.

Tuesday, June 18 7:00 PM National Arts Club Join a broad discussion with conceptual artist, independent curator, and writer Lee Wells on new technology, AI, and the human condition in the early twenty-first century. Present during this discussion will be video art bots Alice and Bob, which form part of his most recent immersive video […]

Graham Hancock – The Art of Rewriting History through the lens of the Americas

Tuesday, May 28 7:30 PM Was an advanced civilization lost to history in the global cataclysm that ended the last Ice Age? Bestselling author Graham Hancock has made it his life’s work to find out – and in his new book, America Before, he  draws on the latest archaeological and DNA evidence to bring his quest to a dramatic […]

Art of VR

Thursday, February 21 6:00 PM National Arts Club (Moved to Players Club) We are proud to present a showcase of artists working in the realm of virtual and augmented reality, inviting participants to explore and interact with and explore these new immersive worlds of abundant creativity and magic. Featuring live painting with Tiltbrush, attendees will […]

An Evening with Rupert Sheldrake on Science and Spiritual Practices

Tuesday, November 13 7:00 PM National Arts Club Please join us for a very special evening with Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, a world renowned author and researcher in the field of parapsychology and developer of the concept of “morphic resonance”, where he will discuss his new book Science and Spiritual Practices: Transformative experiences and their effects on […]

The Memes of Our Times: Memes and Art on the Blockchain

While symbolism has been used for millennia to transfer information and concepts, the internet has allowed for the spreading of concepts in a symbolic form to rapidly grow and evolve under the gates and gatekeepers of popular culture in an explosion of creativity that’s both chaotic and controversial while at the same time uniting for […]

Gathering of the Minds

Tuesday, March 6 6:00 PM National Arts Club Please join us for a very special event on content creation, free speech, and the future of a decentralized internet. As the world gets more connected, a paradigm shift is occurring in media. People are changing what they watch, and increasingly they are turning to independent video […]

Introduction to Crypto Art

Friday, September 14 7:00 PM National Arts Club Please join us for an open discussion with experts in the blockchain space as we discuss how new opportunities for artists to promote and sell their work through this new medium. Featuring John Crain founder of SuperRare, a platform that allows artists to release limited-edition digital artwork tracked on […]

The Art of Magazines in the Digital Age

  Wednesday, February 21 7:30 PM The National Arts Club A panel of magazine publishers, editors, and photographers that focus on visual artistic content will discuss how they are able to reach, grow, and share works of perceptible substance with their audience in a time of endless noise and notifications that compete for our attention. Panelists […]

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain And The Future Of Finance In Art

Monday, December 4 7:30 PM In recorded music, so much of the money is kept by middlemen that songwriters and musicians are looking to a new kind of money as a means of getting back some of what is derived from their craft.  It is called Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency powered by a technology called Blockchain, […]

Robots: Make Me Sculpture

Cy Keener, Professor of Sculpture / Digital Fabrication and Media at the University of Maryland, will share stories from the front lines of art and technology where software, computer controlled machines and art collide. Keener uses digital means to make data reporting sculptures that travel the oceans and inhabit windy mountain ridges. He spent a […]

The Art of the App and the Best Apps for Art, Music, Fashion, Everything

Mobile and web apps have swept the world.  Apps are in the middle of how we travel, where we sleep, what we eat, how we experience art, photography, and books. But which apps do we really use? Are we exposed to more art, or better art, or does greater access breed greater uniformity?  This program […]

The Power of Breathing – An Interactive Event

What we do every day without thinking has the power to change our lives when we start paying attention. Tradition and technology have taught us to use our inner mechanics to access our true creativity, life force, and spirituality through breathing exercises. We are able to quiet our monkey minds, resist ice cold temperatures, calm our […]

Movie Marketing and Positioning Outside the Studio System

Tyler DiNapoli from Bleecker Street, a NYC-based film distributor, will offer insights into how the independent film landscape has evolved and the complexities of today’s entertainment space. The industry continues to evolve and Bleecker Street is in many ways at the forefront of embracing and adopting innovative ways of storytelling through cinema. Specifically this discussion […]

Einstein’s Intuition: Visualizing Nature in Eleven Dimensions

A whole new way of thinking is needed as artists and directors wrap their minds around the problems endemic in using new augmented and virtual reality technology for story-telling and artistic expression.  Maybe Einstein can help! Join Thad Roberts, the author of Einstein’s Intuition: Visualizing Nature in Eleven Dimensions, for an interactive presentation about the […]

Aaron Taylor Kuffner: The Gamelatron, Robotic Gong Sculptures

A night of improvised music on robotic gong sculptures with stories of poetic terrorism, Indonesian Ethnomusicology, and the art of framing silence with Aaron Taylor Kuffner, the artist behind the Gamelatron Project. A Gamelatron is a sound producing kinetic sculpture made from traditional bronze instruments from Indonesia’s gamelan tradition, retrofitted with mechanical mallets on sculptural […]

Reading: Follow Me into the Dark

Join us for a reading from Follow Me into the Dark with author, blogger, and digital marketing storyteller, Felicia C. Sullivan. What happens when children are denied love and then left to their own devices? Follow Me into the Dark traces the unraveling of a family marred by perverse intergenerational abuse. Kate is a young […]

Idgy Dean Live at the National Arts Club

With recent TV appearances, movie synch and brand licensing deals as well as featured selections to both the Red Bull Music Academy and Adrien Grenier’s Wreckroom Records, Idgy Dean is taking off.  This is a rare opportunity to catch her in a relatively small venue at the National Arts Club.  You will be in for […]

A Holiday Variety Show with Blank Forms and Audio Visual Arts (AVA)

A concise evening of immersive multimedia soundscapes and performance. A range of artists will utilize a variety of technologies stemming from the most analog to the most digital. East Village legend Lary 7 will perform a range of homemade instruments often used as foley sound for film. Members of the NY experimental audio group Das […]

The Hypnotic Bar

 The Hypnotic Bar is a hilarious demonstration that getting drunk is ultimately all in the mind. Albert Nerenberg, film director, and hypnotist first showed he could get people high and drunk without drugs and alcohol at Idea City, Canada’s TED Conference, in 2014. Since then he has presented the Hypnotic Bar, half ground-breaking presentation and […]

An Evening to Benefit ZanaAfrica Foundation

Please join us for an evening to understand the work that the non-profit ZanaAfrica is doing to educate young girls in Africa on reproductive health and rights. ZanaAfrica helps these girls by distributing supplies and educating them through unique comic books and magazines, saving women from disease and mutilation. We hope you can join us for wine and conversation […]

Graham Hancock: “The Art of Being an Outsider”

“I’ve always been an ‘outsider’,” says Graham Hancock, “and throughout more than 40 years of  career as a writer, whether my subject was foreign aid, or the possibility of a lost civilization, or the real significance of psychedelics in human culture, I have found myself again and again in opposition to the mainstream.” In this […]

On the Antarctic Biennale

We are pleased to introduce one of the most unusual art biennales in history, the Antarctic Biennale, to be held aboard a ship. Alexander Ponomarev, the first Antarctic Biennale’s ideologist and commissioner, bases the project on the principles of inter-cultural dialogue, interdisciplinarity, and supranationalism.

The Transformative Art of the Internet; A Collaborative Revolution

We welcome journalists Malcolm Gladwell and Virginia Heffernan for an evening of drinks and lively discussion about the Internet, both as a revolutionary technology and as a global, transformative work of art. Gladwell and Heffernan will delve into the latest differences between our offline vs online lives, and the changing ways that we read, see, […]

Creative Tech Week Kickoff Party

Together with Creative Tech Week and Harvestworks, the Art and Technology Committee and Young Members Committee at the NAC has lined up a series of brief talks and an innovative electronic movement performance from 7-8pm. At 8, the lights dim, music begins, and the rest of the night is yours to catch up with old friends […]